Friday, January 05, 2007

snow, snow, snow


i do love snow, i really do. but i moved to denver, not for the snow, but for the warmer climate. how does it work that the midwest has better temperatures than we do this winter? and, we have had over 60 inches of snow this year already! our yearly average is 61.7 inches (which seems high) and mr. alamanac said that the past 10 years have all been below average except 2003 and 1997 when we were blasted by big snows.

so we are on for a record year... and i am sorry to say that i am getting a little tired of it.

now, don't get me wrong, i love the snow, i love the ski, i love the white. but, we have mountains for that! oh well, enough complaining... i guess i should pour myself a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the blizzard. i can see about 100 kids sledding across the street, which is cool. they even closed schools today (bunch of wussies) so all the kids are running around in their snow gear. fun times.

the only issue i have with all this snow is that i can not get out as much and enjoy denver. things are soo snowy that walking is difficult and all the sidewalks are covered and icey so we have to walk on the street. more time at home i guess.

once we get back in the 50's, and sunny, like usual for this time of year, i will be back on track.

gotta get back to work.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Test publish

I am using a new blog publisher.. Testing to see if it posts correctly.


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ugly Knit Gathering

I am having a few people over tonight for a nice ugly knit gathering. we are all going to pull out our ugliest sweaters and show 'em off. with some food and drink and sweaters the party should go well. we'll find out.

here's a flyer.

off to meet up with a good friend who is in town.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A new blogger

it seems that decided to do a new blogger beta. i would hope they combine them or something but i played with it for a hot minute tonight.

it looks the same, but is a little different

the nice thing about the new interface is that it is easier to have the feed appear anywhere. you could setup a feed-reader for your favorite feeds then.


Saturday, October 07, 2006


you ever just feel like every happens right? i had a chance to roll up to the PA for a quick wedding and ended up crashing overnight in NYC. I stayed with my boy Jeremy and (after getting in rather late) had a beverage and crashed in his small room in the east village.

after waking up slowly, we took a stroll over to alt coffee shop over yonder east village and chilled with garrett (a friend of j's) over some coffee and bagels. quite the eclectic place... oh, everything is eclectic in nyc. it was nice.

then i had to send j off to work at some stuff french restaurant and i decided to find a rather hard to find coffee/lunch/record store in greenpoint.... brooklyn. a nice shop where j's brother works and spends time at.

after purusing through some vinyl, i decided not to buy anything, even though there were about 10 lp's that look rather tempting to pick up. i might have jeremy pick up a couple if he decides to venture to denver in the next few.

well, this place (call eat records) has a nice fair of food, fun, and records. good musica and a nice view of meserole, right off manhattan st. i guess it is a fairly polish place and i could see myself living near here if i ever lived in nyc (which wont happen, but it is always fun to think about)

a nice city, happenstancically driving through soho (spring and sullivan) and through east village, over the bridge, up and around brooklyn, getting ready for my 'big' drive over to the PA. it is currently 1:30 eastern and i will probably venture out sometime around 3ish?

i hope i have some nice tree views, but everything is still quite green in nyc.

i have a camera but dont feel indulged to take any pictures. i might be able to take a few here and there, but dont expect a galleria of my nyc good times, just not interested i guess.

that's my story, going to finish up some work emails and then enjoy the atmosphere here for a few minutes... then i leave.

until later.