Tuesday, March 28, 2006

adventures in denverland

do you find it very intersting that most of us are frustrated about something most of the time? i mean, if it isn't relationships (or lack thereof), then it is job, or family, or friends (or lack thereof,) or the weather, or, well, whatever.

tonight i was frustrated about volleyball. i dont know why, but maybe i am just doing too much of it. but i got really frustrated at my team (my adult team) because we didn't win, nor did we push ourselves. i feel like we are mediocre and are cool with it.

the same goes with my team i coach. i really feel like these girls try... like they push themselves to get better. but you have to understand, they are better then their performance. why do they settle short?

hmmm, maybe i do the same thing time and time again. we can all be soo much more as individuals. i mean we are made in the image of God! that is pretty powerful. yet we still are very petty, and we sin, and we like to disbelieve... or worse, we stop challenging our beliefs and accept the american viewpoint on christianity.

what about our jobs... i am sure that we are up to like 10% of each day, on average, surfing the internet, and like 30% is taken up by emails or something like that. luckily, my job is not like that so i dont have to rely on computers as much as i dont have to be infront of them to do my business, wholely. i can spend a whole day or even two away from my computer and still get a lot of progress done in regards to work.

i hope eventually everyone can get back to relationships.

guess i fell a little scatterbrained again tonight, but i know that before computers, we knew shop owners and mechanics, and even salesmen! now we only shop for the best deal possible. its our wallets that matter, not the building of community. if you knew that a local shop was to be bought out by some national chain, i would HOPE you would make an effort to stop that by going to support your local business.

now, if we all agree to that, why do we still not do it! or only do it when it comes to a situation where there might be a decision made. we are so reactionary as people, aarrrgh, it drives me crazy.

i do and would spend extra money at local places, why? to keep them local. to know that the owner probably lives down the block... but most importantly, to know that i am buying from someone that believes in his/her product.

do you get it?

what's the most important thing in life? really? relationships, plain and simple.

then why are we so quick to judge and so eager to save money then to know who you are buying from?

dont worry, i am a hypocrite also. but i think i am going in the right direction. i really do. i know there are good people out there.

ok, ok... enough rambling for now.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

sad state of affairs

i'll admit it... i'm hopeless :) not in the sense of success, life, love, self appreciation... but in the sense of bad habits. i have been on this kick to really get up early and get my day going. the struggle has come since college and is really rearing its ugly head now that i dont *really* have to be anywhere in particular in the morning.

skiing, hiking, have-to's give me absolutely no problems of waking up early, but work, life, and the daily grind give me the hardest time. i dont get it. i **know** i am not a morning person, but i think i can become one... they say "nothing good happens after 9pm" right? so, why not be in bed by 11 or so and then really get up early (for me, that is between 6-6:30). my day would be soo much better and i would feel stronger and healthier.

any suggestions? all you morning people out there, let me know the secret. and please do not say put the alarm clock really far away. i need new motivation, not another excuse to 'get up on the wrong side of bed'

that being said, not only am i lazy in the morning, but i eat like crap. i hate grocery shopping and so i never have food at home. that leaves me with frugal eating out... wendy's has been my favorite lately, but i think my artories are slowly (or quickly) clogging.

every once in a while, i will buy stuff, but it seems to go bad or i just dont get the time or make the time to eat properly.

maybe if i got up earlier?...

as i am writing this blog, i am looking disgustly over at my leftover taco bell, yep, leftover taco bell. i am actually embarressed to even get up to the microwave at work and heat it up. ok, ok, it will produce a pleasant wafting for lunch, but people will start asking what i am eating... what do i say? NOT leftover taco bell. so i might just say mexican (if you can call it that), but they will probably ask where i got it from. my reply 'a little place by my house :)'

i hope it wont get to that, i think i can time it where i get in and out without being noticed and eat in peace. yeah, that is what i will do.

so, off to get some lunch and to comteplate on getting up early tomorrow

i need a wife :)


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another rediscovery


after reading this title, you are all probably thinking... 'great, another one of eric's introspective time periods in his life.' well, yep, that's me.

not only am i going through a change in my life in regards to my dating life (or lack there of at this point), but am trying to do a rediscovery at work. i am starting to work with a coach that will not only create an energy and motivation to rediscover myself as 'eric, the realtor' but also figure out what i really want.

she asked me this question when we met on tuesday.. 'eric, what do you want to be known for?' -- umm, i thought we were going to be talking about systems and networking and distinction... yikes. so i kinda sat there and turned and said... 'i want people to be happy.' which she noted that only if i benefit also... ouch :)

so that is where the dialog started. why am i doing real estate... who cares. what do i want to be known for... that matters.

for the next couple we are going to figure out what is it that makes me tick and then directly apply it to my career. it is not the question as to why i am doing real estate, but really, what do i want to be? i mean fully... pretty interesting. i feel like i am going to have some introspective moments soon. that means great blog material, right?

not only will i benefit, but you all get to read about my struggles :)

i did come up with something interesting... as the dialog progressed, i had this statement run through my mind: ' i lack clarity, and i hate it. i want people to not feel that.'

this boils down below all that stability, sanity, world perception bs. i mean this is for real. i am really going to gain clarity or die trying. it is truly necessary for me cause i need to not only let people love me, but to love as well. job, shmob... i mean that will be the focus of action, ill get my clarity a bit then apply it to me as a realtor. (seriously, personal and business life are not separate in this business, not matter what they say).

stay tooned.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

it's thursday night and i'm at a coffee house

so i haven't been all that positive lately. it seems like life is just a little brash on me currently and, well, normally it ain't no thing... this time it is rubbing me the wrong way. though, the positives of this whole bit is that i really, really get to love and respect this thing called coffee. it has to be one of god's greatest gifts to man, hands down. that and pancakes.

so, when i get a little down, what do i do, say "screw it!" to my two cup max and just drug myself silly with the killer juice. ahhh, sweet killer juice.

anyway, you are all probably wondering why i am so down and why i am raving soo much about coffee. i wont tell you about either of them. but i will say that im in position to bounce back. all i need is a couple of good days in the 60's and things seem to clear up quite nice :) that is the great thing about denver, it really encourages you when you think about all the good things it provides (weather and mountains).

i guess that means i am getting more and more settled here in this wonderful town and want all you all to move out here. i mean it. move here. you wont regret it.

seriously, what are you leaving behind? family, jobs, friends, relationships, churches, communities, what... those are all replaceable :) j/k at least i am here.

so, as i sit here at one of my favorite coffee joints, i am writing contracts, doing research, trying to think about all things that relate to life, get clarified on who i am, what i want, how things are going, how motivated i really am... you know the biggies.

at least my soul is calm right now, ben harper always makes me contemplate life and my ipod makes it easy to listen to him. my phone makes it easy to take pictures, and my computer makes it easy to upload it. that means that you all get real time images of me (and my coffee cup :) )

anyway, i dont think i have really said anything of importance, nor has it been relevent to you all... but that is where i am at right at this moment.

off to im to chris p chicken. ill write something more soon enough.


Friday, March 03, 2006


another month has come and gone... this time stuff is soo ridiculous. It is truly amazing how time passes, or at least how it is percieved to pass.

i guess, when you get busy and have a lot going on, time just cruises along, you cant really stop it. the only thing that would actually pause time, would be to constantly look at it, and that isn't much fun.

well, i got back from vegas for a real estate convention and things are just crazy, my personal life is packed, my business is busy and i am tired all around. when you get in that mode, things just dont slow down. a vacation is out of the picture, so i just have to really concentrate on the time i have and try and use it to the fullest.

i also might be taking a different team for coaching. the head guy at crush wants me to coach the 15-2's team and i was just getting into the assistant groove. i tell you, you can not count on things to last very long these days :) you set up your life as such and bang, things change. oh well.

just a quick update... of to a meeting (with coffee of course) and then phone calls and marketing today.