Sunday, December 10, 2006

Test publish

I am using a new blog publisher.. Testing to see if it posts correctly.


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ugly Knit Gathering

I am having a few people over tonight for a nice ugly knit gathering. we are all going to pull out our ugliest sweaters and show 'em off. with some food and drink and sweaters the party should go well. we'll find out.

here's a flyer.

off to meet up with a good friend who is in town.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A new blogger

it seems that decided to do a new blogger beta. i would hope they combine them or something but i played with it for a hot minute tonight.

it looks the same, but is a little different

the nice thing about the new interface is that it is easier to have the feed appear anywhere. you could setup a feed-reader for your favorite feeds then.


Saturday, October 07, 2006


you ever just feel like every happens right? i had a chance to roll up to the PA for a quick wedding and ended up crashing overnight in NYC. I stayed with my boy Jeremy and (after getting in rather late) had a beverage and crashed in his small room in the east village.

after waking up slowly, we took a stroll over to alt coffee shop over yonder east village and chilled with garrett (a friend of j's) over some coffee and bagels. quite the eclectic place... oh, everything is eclectic in nyc. it was nice.

then i had to send j off to work at some stuff french restaurant and i decided to find a rather hard to find coffee/lunch/record store in greenpoint.... brooklyn. a nice shop where j's brother works and spends time at.

after purusing through some vinyl, i decided not to buy anything, even though there were about 10 lp's that look rather tempting to pick up. i might have jeremy pick up a couple if he decides to venture to denver in the next few.

well, this place (call eat records) has a nice fair of food, fun, and records. good musica and a nice view of meserole, right off manhattan st. i guess it is a fairly polish place and i could see myself living near here if i ever lived in nyc (which wont happen, but it is always fun to think about)

a nice city, happenstancically driving through soho (spring and sullivan) and through east village, over the bridge, up and around brooklyn, getting ready for my 'big' drive over to the PA. it is currently 1:30 eastern and i will probably venture out sometime around 3ish?

i hope i have some nice tree views, but everything is still quite green in nyc.

i have a camera but dont feel indulged to take any pictures. i might be able to take a few here and there, but dont expect a galleria of my nyc good times, just not interested i guess.

that's my story, going to finish up some work emails and then enjoy the atmosphere here for a few minutes... then i leave.

until later.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

why i love and hate coffee houses...

first off, my blogging is quite horrible. i understand that but really do make an effort to impress upon people out there that i have the focus to provide tidbits of life, info, and mind-dumps on a somewhat regular basis. i think that sentance was a run-on... which means that if you read it twice to 'get it,' dont worry, it's normal.

what i have discovered is that my mind works very situational. extremely situational. i have been able to compartmentalize(sp?) my thoughts so my environment is in direct control of my thoughts.

that means that i have groups of thoughts that 'come out' when the situation or surrounds are ripe for them... and if it is not, it is hard for me to do so.

that is why i love and hate coffee houses.

to me, the coffee house is the Premier locale in which my most philosophical thoughts come alive. you name it, God, politics, life, existentialism, how things work... those things flourish. my best conversations are over coffee and some overpriced sweet item. but to me, that is worth the costs. the breeding ground for rich thoughts stews at these indie shops scattered throughout the land.

the problem is that i do not have the discipline to spend the appropriate times at these locations to flourish my 'creative' thoughts and keep them happy. i am often too tired from the grind to really get excited to get to a shop and live. the other problem is that coffee houses that are open when my i have the slight chance to go are a great distance away from my sleeping quarters.

the dilemna is to buck up and get out, do my thinking, reading, and writing (which, by the way, is where most of my decent blog entries come from) or watch the boob-tube to decompress and slough off to bed feeling crappy about not contributing to life but contributing to the things that i despise (like t.v., media, current hype).

because my slacky patterns are in place, my home in Golden is now soley able to shove my thoughts into a state of hibernation and all i can do at home is nothing.

my office is nice because my mind is focused, but it is often distracted on the to-dos of the day/week/month and i cant sit and focus on philosophy too long.

what i need to do is accomplish my dreams really quick because one of them is to provide a coffee house open really, really late (and early) really close to my home. so, i am looking for individuals that might be open to catering my needs close to my house fulfilling my requests even if it is a losing business to them (because i do not have the time nor capitol to start one myself).

being a realist gives me the opportunity to laugh at my self and my thoughts and just focus on solving my dilemna.

anyway, i am losing focus because i am at work... hopefully you were able to follow this entry a bit.


Monday, September 11, 2006



it has been a crazy, crazy month (as usual.) things are hyper speed over here and now that i started coaching, i really dont have a life.

i am having soo much fun right now, but my priorities on some things are just not there. i still want to continue this blog and i will have this be a priority.

the day is spent running around meeting with people and doing computer stuff so i dont have the energy to sit at home in front of the computer too much and do these 'fun' things.

i have to do it during the day, and as you can probably tell, my mind is not focused on writing right now because i have work on my mind.

anyway, i will update this...


Saturday, August 05, 2006


Pretty sweet double rainbow a couple days ago!! it was a full one just over the building next to mine. i only wish i had a wideangle shot, could of put the whole rainbow on one picture. oh well, it is always more impressive in person anyway.

those must be important buildings :)

ok, bye


Office space


I just wanted to send a couple pictures that show my new office.

The desk is my desk with a nice view of east denver.

This is the main room of the office with a kitchen and couch and formal conference table... etc.

anyways, it looks nice.


Monday, July 31, 2006

super quick weekend in the big wisconsin


had a blast in wisconsin this past weekend. did some business, did some pleasure... you know, a nicely organized weekend full of good times.

it was my grandma's 80th birthday, my dad's birthday, and my bro-in-laws birthday... crazy.

anyway, some pictures. but off to work.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

awesome sunsets

what a great day. seriously, a great day.

work rocked, got a lot done there

got to see elliott and linda p. longtime friends and second parents. great organic dark coffee, sweet golden city beer, and good times on the top of lookout.

it's been hot, hot, hot. but the evenings are super perfect. super perfect.

lots of unneeded adjectives today.

here are some sunsets.

This one is from yesterday!This one is from today!!


oh, i found this picture too. from my backyard a couple weeks ago.

yo yo

Thursday, July 06, 2006

workout dreams

so i think i did something pretty stupid last night. i asked a friend to be accountable to me for working out. ha, and to think they said yes.

now i have to live up to my 'word' and do this.

i did workout last night, part of the reason for doing such. i enjoyed it. i realy enjoy it. but getting there is really tough. my schedule is nothing close to 'normal' and i am out of shape. all those things make it difficult.

once i get on a schedule though, i think i will be fine. i have been talking about working on a couple key sport specific goals anyway. so i think i will be good.

it never hurts to be heathier anyway.

my friend is a personal trainer and i think the hardest part for me is going to be the nutrition actually. so it should be fun to see what happens here.

i think i will get going next week. so that is my goal

progress will be posted i am sure, so stay tuned, if i have any readers left hehehe


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my friend just moved to alaska and i'm jealous

i met this cool girl at this coffee shop in south east denver. i spend a lot of my days at the coffee shop doing work on my business so i got to know quite a few of the workers.

she just got back from two years in china and is now off to alaska for a bit of time... i am jealous. i am so stuck on work (though, i actually do like to work) that i dont allow myself to make the time to do anything of that sort... at this point in my life.

her site is a great update of her doings up in alaska, and i get to view a bit of that and live (just a touch) vicariously through her blog.

cool stuff, good pictures, and a great life living.

(i wrote something about the impact of blogs and community, but this is the third time i am typing this because something messed up... so you dont get that now)

back to work.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

my friend just did a big bike trip and i'm jealous

so my friend, loren, just got back (last night) from a big six week bike trip down PCH (pacific coast highway.) I am super jealous. regardless of the fact that i dont own a bicycle right now and i probably couldn't hack the trip, and well time of that nature requires me to give up more than i want, i still envious.

he just has this big smile and nice aura around him (some of it is from seeing his friends again, but i think a lot has to do with the experience) and that is hard to come by in this ridiculous production oriented society we have.

seriously folks, i have drive, lots of drive when it comes to work... but is it neccessary? i have a few friends (a lot of my golden peeps) that live life the way it should be and make sure they live a very balanced lifestyle. why cant i? i mean, i take a couple days off and get sick. that ain't right? i am out of wack.

i am in one of the fittest states in the country and i am more out of shape than i have been since before chicago. wow.

keeps my thinking about more time spent on 'personal' stuff. that would round me out a lot more and get me to the point where i can experience life more and get fit for being involved in activities i love to do.

so now i have to try and figure out how i do this... how i can spend more time balanced.

i feel like i have been asking this question for years.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eric, welcome to your web experience

besides for getting sick on vacation this week, i would say my vacation was a success. being sick forced me to just, really, do nothing. that is a hard thing for me to do, especially when i think of all the things that i had to do.

camping was a blast. it was soo good to re-experience the wisconsin forests. the state bird was out in full force (mr. mosquito) and we did lots of swatting. but that did not deter us from having a great time. lots of camp fires, lots of sunsets, lots of good grilled food, lots of good blueberry pancakes... sooo nice.

now, i am heading home to get back on the 'busy' train and get back to work full force. i have lots and lots of things do to and not a lot of time to do it. i am still trying to figure out how it will all work out. i hope i can make it :)

not a very exciting update, but i am a bit sickly (not too bad anymore, it kinda broke last night) and am more motivated on the trite sides of things today.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

glad to see you, eric

a couple comments.

frist... i noticed that i was moved to 'blog slacker' level on my friend, mary's, blog page. since her blog is the blog of blogs, being on the slacker list probably reflects that i haven't been as 'due diligent' as i could/should be. well, my goal is to spend a couple months 'winning' her blog status over and making it to the active roster... but i need to work diligently at it, you know, post more then twice a month... like maybe 2-4 times a week!

i know i can do it, it just is difficult when the last thing i want to do is write about my triteness when i get home from the day. i keep talking about changing my life... creating better habits... you know, wake up early, work out more, enjoy the day better, travel, personal time, decompress at night (write in a blog, read) do the things that really enrich my life and make me a better person.

second... my blog is my 'homepage' so i have been writing too much negativity on the taglines, so i am convicted to write good, solid poistitive lines that welcome me to my web experience. if i do have positive statements, maybe i will have more writing moments? i dont know, it is worth a try.

now.... my vacation so far.

been a blast. spent a nice night in chicago catching up with friends and relaxing. a couple good dishes of food, a couple drinks, good friends. sounds nice.

spent the next day trying to catch a bus to madison. missed it twice! (my fault, yes, but traffic was bad and unexpected) ended up gong to rockfor and getting picked-up. that was fun though cause i got a car ride with the folks through the countryside of southern wisconsin.

today, i woke up pretty early and had bfast with chris, elliott, and greg (chris and elliott are father and son, greg is chris/elliotts brother/son -in-law). what a great bfast, lots of food, bad coffee that made me feel sooooo good, and good convo. the kind that seems like i just had the previous conversations yesterday. we picked up right where we left off kept going.

then went to visit my grandmas. i love both my grandmas. i had such a good time catching up with them. i haven't seen them since x-mas and it was time.

then i got home, went camping shopping with my sister, came back and ate a fantastic dinner with steaks on the grill and salad and asparagus and some mushrooms and onions.

now i am blogging a quick update blog and hope to spur into more activiity on this page.

i am camping for a couple days, so i dont know if i will have internet stuff... (nice towns with coffe shops, who knows.)


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

im still around... barely

it's my busy season at work. and i am that, busy.


will write more later.. soon. very soon.


Friday, April 28, 2006

mind overload

have you ever been in a situation where you just have total (i mean total) mind overload. to the point where it just makes you shut down.

i thought that event might be an all-of-the-sudden-too-much-information thingy. and i suppose that has happened to me in various forms in the past. but what i *actually* found is that it can build and build over time. and, quite honestly (even though i have started the last three sentances with predicates) that time is now... or close to it.

being involved with two jobs running parallel, learning tons and tons of new things, coaching tournaments (teenagers remind you) in places like greeley and dallas, and not getting home for periods of 12 - 16 hours on average everyday, makes you a little crazy. the issue isn't the things i mentioned above... really. it's the fact that i dont have time to decompress, debrief, chill.

where did my hobbies go? why can't i go home (albeit very late) and just depend on a few hobbies to put my mind at ease. why, when soo tired, do i just go to sleep without any mind dump. i think i actually sleep fairly restlessly and in doing so, perpetuate the situation with staying tired.

so, that means i need a break. i need to remember what it means to relax. what it feels like to not think about work. what it feels like to have fun around hobbies, people and not have those be afterthoughts or squeeze-ins.

what does this all mean? i am a *horrible* time manager. dont the *greatest of great* in the biz world say to book your vacations first and then work around that. hmmm, good idea. i am going to get an ulcer and have my head explode if i am not careful.

what does this lead to? i am taking the day off tomorrow!!!! i am excited. haven't had a day off in a while... a serious day off. most of the time i just have a psuedo day off. mind you i still have to do a little work, just a little, but i wont take any new calls, hey, i may even change my voicemail to tell people that i am decompressing, nah, but i could.

so here is my plan (very loose by the way, so dont worry):
wake up earlyish
get a big, fat diner breakfast... preferably at the breakfast queen.
put my shevles up in the garage
design some shelves for my snow gear (garage) and lps (room)
put a new car stereo in my car
grab a beer with seth
put my air conditioner on craig's list.
watch a movie at the movie theatres.
call it a night.

i am looking forward to it.


Monday, April 17, 2006



what a fantastic easter. it was quite enjoyable from the sunrise service at red rocks to the evening dinner with friends and family. what a great day too, i think it was about 78 degrees outside (like it is today) and just really easy.

now i am back to the grind, working two jobs and only really have time for one. i also am going to dallas this weekend for the girls volleyball tourney. that should actually be pretty fun because once we are done coaching (all day though) we are free. the chaparones are the parents, we are just the coaches.

so i will be trying to get things all tied up this week so i can use this weekend for enjoyment and for work. we will have to see what will happen.

i guess thats the boring updates, otherwise just been thinking alot about my life... like what i want to be when i grow up sort of stuff. i mean, it keeps changing. i always think that "this is it," but something else always comes up. i really thought i would be doing real estate for a long time, but then again, i might be switching to more of a management role. who knows, that is the plan but i am expecting things to change here in the next few weeks anyway.

talk about confusing, i leave in the morning and dont get home until pretty late (usually) and start all over again. easter was my only day off i have had in a long time and it was full (mostly). i loved easter, but i need a day where i can just lay in the grass after a nice hike, then finish building some stuff in the garage, then grab a nice dinner and call it a day. those lazy days of summer, that is what i really need.

sorry for the latest post, it was more of a 'this is my day' kinda blog, instead of 'this is how i am doing and feeling' which i prefer. guess i just need a break.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

busy bee


i am officially busy. last night was the first night i got home from work before 9pm! what a way to relax. my friend, phil, had a great birthday party last night and it was soo good to have great food and great conversation.

let's see: beer, corn on the cob, marinated chicken, mash potatoes, yummy guacamole, italian sausages, chocolate cake and ice cream, and strawberries. That was a fantastic dinner.

I was going to take today off and enjoy the mountains a bit. heather is in town (well, in dillon) but my day seems to just get booked really fast. now i have appointments from noon till 7pm and then i get to relax a bit tonight. crazy.

so, i think i am going to go to common grounds near the highlands and do some reflection. i have a lot on my mind and havent had a lot of time to think on my own. it is tough when you fill your life up with stuff and just dont take a lot of time for yourself. i did sleep in a bit today so that i could 'relax' a bit on my day off, but really, i want a day off!

maybe next thursday i will take off no matter what, yeah, i think that is a good idea.

alright, sorry for the lack of content blog post. i want to write some good thought stuff down and i might be able to a little later. i felt like i was falling behind so i wanted to get something out there.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

adventures in denverland

do you find it very intersting that most of us are frustrated about something most of the time? i mean, if it isn't relationships (or lack thereof), then it is job, or family, or friends (or lack thereof,) or the weather, or, well, whatever.

tonight i was frustrated about volleyball. i dont know why, but maybe i am just doing too much of it. but i got really frustrated at my team (my adult team) because we didn't win, nor did we push ourselves. i feel like we are mediocre and are cool with it.

the same goes with my team i coach. i really feel like these girls try... like they push themselves to get better. but you have to understand, they are better then their performance. why do they settle short?

hmmm, maybe i do the same thing time and time again. we can all be soo much more as individuals. i mean we are made in the image of God! that is pretty powerful. yet we still are very petty, and we sin, and we like to disbelieve... or worse, we stop challenging our beliefs and accept the american viewpoint on christianity.

what about our jobs... i am sure that we are up to like 10% of each day, on average, surfing the internet, and like 30% is taken up by emails or something like that. luckily, my job is not like that so i dont have to rely on computers as much as i dont have to be infront of them to do my business, wholely. i can spend a whole day or even two away from my computer and still get a lot of progress done in regards to work.

i hope eventually everyone can get back to relationships.

guess i fell a little scatterbrained again tonight, but i know that before computers, we knew shop owners and mechanics, and even salesmen! now we only shop for the best deal possible. its our wallets that matter, not the building of community. if you knew that a local shop was to be bought out by some national chain, i would HOPE you would make an effort to stop that by going to support your local business.

now, if we all agree to that, why do we still not do it! or only do it when it comes to a situation where there might be a decision made. we are so reactionary as people, aarrrgh, it drives me crazy.

i do and would spend extra money at local places, why? to keep them local. to know that the owner probably lives down the block... but most importantly, to know that i am buying from someone that believes in his/her product.

do you get it?

what's the most important thing in life? really? relationships, plain and simple.

then why are we so quick to judge and so eager to save money then to know who you are buying from?

dont worry, i am a hypocrite also. but i think i am going in the right direction. i really do. i know there are good people out there.

ok, ok... enough rambling for now.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

sad state of affairs

i'll admit it... i'm hopeless :) not in the sense of success, life, love, self appreciation... but in the sense of bad habits. i have been on this kick to really get up early and get my day going. the struggle has come since college and is really rearing its ugly head now that i dont *really* have to be anywhere in particular in the morning.

skiing, hiking, have-to's give me absolutely no problems of waking up early, but work, life, and the daily grind give me the hardest time. i dont get it. i **know** i am not a morning person, but i think i can become one... they say "nothing good happens after 9pm" right? so, why not be in bed by 11 or so and then really get up early (for me, that is between 6-6:30). my day would be soo much better and i would feel stronger and healthier.

any suggestions? all you morning people out there, let me know the secret. and please do not say put the alarm clock really far away. i need new motivation, not another excuse to 'get up on the wrong side of bed'

that being said, not only am i lazy in the morning, but i eat like crap. i hate grocery shopping and so i never have food at home. that leaves me with frugal eating out... wendy's has been my favorite lately, but i think my artories are slowly (or quickly) clogging.

every once in a while, i will buy stuff, but it seems to go bad or i just dont get the time or make the time to eat properly.

maybe if i got up earlier?...

as i am writing this blog, i am looking disgustly over at my leftover taco bell, yep, leftover taco bell. i am actually embarressed to even get up to the microwave at work and heat it up. ok, ok, it will produce a pleasant wafting for lunch, but people will start asking what i am eating... what do i say? NOT leftover taco bell. so i might just say mexican (if you can call it that), but they will probably ask where i got it from. my reply 'a little place by my house :)'

i hope it wont get to that, i think i can time it where i get in and out without being noticed and eat in peace. yeah, that is what i will do.

so, off to get some lunch and to comteplate on getting up early tomorrow

i need a wife :)


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another rediscovery


after reading this title, you are all probably thinking... 'great, another one of eric's introspective time periods in his life.' well, yep, that's me.

not only am i going through a change in my life in regards to my dating life (or lack there of at this point), but am trying to do a rediscovery at work. i am starting to work with a coach that will not only create an energy and motivation to rediscover myself as 'eric, the realtor' but also figure out what i really want.

she asked me this question when we met on tuesday.. 'eric, what do you want to be known for?' -- umm, i thought we were going to be talking about systems and networking and distinction... yikes. so i kinda sat there and turned and said... 'i want people to be happy.' which she noted that only if i benefit also... ouch :)

so that is where the dialog started. why am i doing real estate... who cares. what do i want to be known for... that matters.

for the next couple we are going to figure out what is it that makes me tick and then directly apply it to my career. it is not the question as to why i am doing real estate, but really, what do i want to be? i mean fully... pretty interesting. i feel like i am going to have some introspective moments soon. that means great blog material, right?

not only will i benefit, but you all get to read about my struggles :)

i did come up with something interesting... as the dialog progressed, i had this statement run through my mind: ' i lack clarity, and i hate it. i want people to not feel that.'

this boils down below all that stability, sanity, world perception bs. i mean this is for real. i am really going to gain clarity or die trying. it is truly necessary for me cause i need to not only let people love me, but to love as well. job, shmob... i mean that will be the focus of action, ill get my clarity a bit then apply it to me as a realtor. (seriously, personal and business life are not separate in this business, not matter what they say).

stay tooned.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

it's thursday night and i'm at a coffee house

so i haven't been all that positive lately. it seems like life is just a little brash on me currently and, well, normally it ain't no thing... this time it is rubbing me the wrong way. though, the positives of this whole bit is that i really, really get to love and respect this thing called coffee. it has to be one of god's greatest gifts to man, hands down. that and pancakes.

so, when i get a little down, what do i do, say "screw it!" to my two cup max and just drug myself silly with the killer juice. ahhh, sweet killer juice.

anyway, you are all probably wondering why i am so down and why i am raving soo much about coffee. i wont tell you about either of them. but i will say that im in position to bounce back. all i need is a couple of good days in the 60's and things seem to clear up quite nice :) that is the great thing about denver, it really encourages you when you think about all the good things it provides (weather and mountains).

i guess that means i am getting more and more settled here in this wonderful town and want all you all to move out here. i mean it. move here. you wont regret it.

seriously, what are you leaving behind? family, jobs, friends, relationships, churches, communities, what... those are all replaceable :) j/k at least i am here.

so, as i sit here at one of my favorite coffee joints, i am writing contracts, doing research, trying to think about all things that relate to life, get clarified on who i am, what i want, how things are going, how motivated i really am... you know the biggies.

at least my soul is calm right now, ben harper always makes me contemplate life and my ipod makes it easy to listen to him. my phone makes it easy to take pictures, and my computer makes it easy to upload it. that means that you all get real time images of me (and my coffee cup :) )

anyway, i dont think i have really said anything of importance, nor has it been relevent to you all... but that is where i am at right at this moment.

off to im to chris p chicken. ill write something more soon enough.


Friday, March 03, 2006


another month has come and gone... this time stuff is soo ridiculous. It is truly amazing how time passes, or at least how it is percieved to pass.

i guess, when you get busy and have a lot going on, time just cruises along, you cant really stop it. the only thing that would actually pause time, would be to constantly look at it, and that isn't much fun.

well, i got back from vegas for a real estate convention and things are just crazy, my personal life is packed, my business is busy and i am tired all around. when you get in that mode, things just dont slow down. a vacation is out of the picture, so i just have to really concentrate on the time i have and try and use it to the fullest.

i also might be taking a different team for coaching. the head guy at crush wants me to coach the 15-2's team and i was just getting into the assistant groove. i tell you, you can not count on things to last very long these days :) you set up your life as such and bang, things change. oh well.

just a quick update... of to a meeting (with coffee of course) and then phone calls and marketing today.


Friday, February 17, 2006


it's supa cold outside today! high of only 25!!! yikes. i dont know about you, but i get this horrible tightening in my lower back when it is too cold outside. it is really uncomfortable... only thing that keeps me going is the thought of warm things, like hot chocolate, blankets, fires, hot tubs, whiskey, you know, the basics.

i know what you are thinking, "what a wimp..." well, yep, i admit it. i am now a true cold wimp. i dont like cold weather, it doesn't appeal to me, i want nothing to do with it... except when i ski, but that is the mountains. i can separate my coldness when i go to the mountains because i "expect" it to be cold. expectations are key, in denver, it should never be cold, nor cloudy (i do like a few rainy days a year, say 15, maybe 20) but in the mountains, it is ok.

we have had record amounts of snow and skiing in powder is one of the coolest feelings. you know i am having a good time when i giggle... i do it on roller coasters and when i ski pow pow. how else to express the feeling. reneau will know (feb '05).

but, for the rest of today and this weekend, i have to stuggle in the cold weather. i guess wine and blankets are in order.

oh, i do get to go to las vegas next week for a real estate convention. yikes, 12,000 crazy keller williams real estate agents taking over las vegas... should be fun.

have to finish up work for the day and then i can ponder pow pow and all that good stuff... sweet vail of last year.. ahhh, sweet copper this year. i will be hitting powder in march, that is for sure.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

today was a good day

it is really nice to have one of those really good days... i woke up early, had coffee with phil and we took a nice walk up for the sunrise in the foothills of my beautiful Golden city. we chatted about life and love and loss and what not, talked biz and got on.

the day rolled forward with appointments and meetings and things just seemed to click... had lots of good conversations with clients and friends and family... just a catch up day. i usually take off on thursdays, but i am taking off on sunday instead, so using today effectively feels good.

i have a bunch of junk i need to get done tomorrow and i have a good outlook on getting it done... but just all around good week.

supposed to be cold tomorrow, so time for the scarf and jacket again. yikes. chilly air. i am definitely ready for the spring time! spring in Denver is sooo nice; big snow, flowers, 70s, slush, bright skies, later evenings, smiles, sales, mmmmm sounds great.

anyway, off to chat with elvi. i get to hear about the exciting happenings of nashville. hopefully, things are on the up and up out there. oh -- mary, to answer your question: at least a year, maybe more :(

peace <-- click here

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feb 7th

can you all believe that it is feb 7th already? pretty soon we will be smiling at the dusky sky at 9pm in the evening... cant wait

well, i am feeling a bit better. i have decided to get on, can't stay blue for too long. even though i am constantly stressed, i still feel exhillerated anytime i drive home and drive between south and north table mountains to settle in my home.


well, i am again coaching volleyball... well, assistant coaching. i am an assistant coach to the 14 navy (that is the number 1 14's team) for Crush Volleyball Club. we practice on the weekday nights and have a couple tourneys a month on sunday. sweet. i am pretty excited because i get to really sharpen my coaching skills so i can be more effective next year. the head coach has been doing this for 14 years, so i should learn a bit. he's an engineer too, so we will have many really petty statistical arguements, just kidding.

lets see, i am still sore from skiing, not boarding, but skiing. i think that sport is better for me. dont get me wrong, i love to board and i will board for the rest of my life... but i can do soooo much more and cover soo much more of the mountain on a ski. partially because i am much better on skis, but also because a board makes it really hard to do bumps.. and well, i love bumps. but, bumps kill my quads and i feel like a grandpa :)

other than that, just doing the real estate thing. still struggling, but this is my breakout year. looking forward to the future, and the spring when i have some breathing room.

we will see, maybe i will be holding a cup out with a nice cardboard sign that says something about 'anything helps' :) well, that wont work too much longer in denver seeing they (hickenlooper) are trying to eradicate homelessness in 10 years. ahhh, sweet idealism. i love it... being a socialist of sorts.. but greedly people tend to win :(

let me give you some quick advice:
dont do a long distance relationship... it sucks!


Sunday, January 29, 2006


so i have been down lately... elvi's in nashville and i haven't been in a good mood lately. which means that i haven't been interested in writing about trite junk about my life. sorry.

give me a couple days... and mary, dont move me to your 'infrequent update' blog list, i am on it, just haven't been in a good mood lately.

Monday, January 23, 2006


been crazy...

was in nashville for all of last week and just getting back into the swing of things.

have some stories.

Monday, January 09, 2006

new years


new years was a great time this year... as always. the difference is that my expectations were no super high because i did not expect anything to be that great of a time, as far as parties or bars...

i made it up in my mind that i wanted to be with elvi and that i wanted to toast at a house and not a bar... that was accomplished. elvi and i had a great time in the evening with dinner and relaxing. we ended up going to a party and were then going to meet up with other folk, but they ditched us and we ended up just doing our own thing.

it was nice, some champagne and a brownie with ice cream right at midnight.. cant complain about that.

one of my first really relaxing, chill new years and i have to admit that i really enjoyed it. house parties are fun and with the right people, are great. but just making sure that you have a couple small goals set up and accomplished make new years a success.

i think i will throw a party at my house next year... then i dont have to drive anywhere and worry about people ditchin. if they ditch, i still have my goal, toasting the new year at a house party (alone or with tons of people :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ok i lied, but i will make a promise

here is my list of things i will post over the next few days (3 posts by the weekend is my goal)

new years
good fun

it'll happen