Thursday, July 13, 2006

awesome sunsets

what a great day. seriously, a great day.

work rocked, got a lot done there

got to see elliott and linda p. longtime friends and second parents. great organic dark coffee, sweet golden city beer, and good times on the top of lookout.

it's been hot, hot, hot. but the evenings are super perfect. super perfect.

lots of unneeded adjectives today.

here are some sunsets.

This one is from yesterday!This one is from today!!


oh, i found this picture too. from my backyard a couple weeks ago.

yo yo


Mary said...

WOW, eric! those are beautiful. a couple days ago, i drove home from milwaukee to madison, and loved driving right into this bright red sun beating down on the fields i passed with so much force that it caused steam to rise from the land. so breathtaking. thanks for posting those :)

Mom said...

I think that the flower is a double holly hock. I can't tell for sure but it is beautiful. Your sunset pictures are a 10. I love seeing pictures on your web site, keep them coming.