Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my friend just moved to alaska and i'm jealous

i met this cool girl at this coffee shop in south east denver. i spend a lot of my days at the coffee shop doing work on my business so i got to know quite a few of the workers.

she just got back from two years in china and is now off to alaska for a bit of time... i am jealous. i am so stuck on work (though, i actually do like to work) that i dont allow myself to make the time to do anything of that sort... at this point in my life.

her site is a great update of her doings up in alaska, and i get to view a bit of that and live (just a touch) vicariously through her blog.

cool stuff, good pictures, and a great life living.

(i wrote something about the impact of blogs and community, but this is the third time i am typing this because something messed up... so you dont get that now)

back to work.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

my friend just did a big bike trip and i'm jealous

so my friend, loren, just got back (last night) from a big six week bike trip down PCH (pacific coast highway.) I am super jealous. regardless of the fact that i dont own a bicycle right now and i probably couldn't hack the trip, and well time of that nature requires me to give up more than i want, i still envious.

he just has this big smile and nice aura around him (some of it is from seeing his friends again, but i think a lot has to do with the experience) and that is hard to come by in this ridiculous production oriented society we have.

seriously folks, i have drive, lots of drive when it comes to work... but is it neccessary? i have a few friends (a lot of my golden peeps) that live life the way it should be and make sure they live a very balanced lifestyle. why cant i? i mean, i take a couple days off and get sick. that ain't right? i am out of wack.

i am in one of the fittest states in the country and i am more out of shape than i have been since before chicago. wow.

keeps my thinking about more time spent on 'personal' stuff. that would round me out a lot more and get me to the point where i can experience life more and get fit for being involved in activities i love to do.

so now i have to try and figure out how i do this... how i can spend more time balanced.

i feel like i have been asking this question for years.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eric, welcome to your web experience

besides for getting sick on vacation this week, i would say my vacation was a success. being sick forced me to just, really, do nothing. that is a hard thing for me to do, especially when i think of all the things that i had to do.

camping was a blast. it was soo good to re-experience the wisconsin forests. the state bird was out in full force (mr. mosquito) and we did lots of swatting. but that did not deter us from having a great time. lots of camp fires, lots of sunsets, lots of good grilled food, lots of good blueberry pancakes... sooo nice.

now, i am heading home to get back on the 'busy' train and get back to work full force. i have lots and lots of things do to and not a lot of time to do it. i am still trying to figure out how it will all work out. i hope i can make it :)

not a very exciting update, but i am a bit sickly (not too bad anymore, it kinda broke last night) and am more motivated on the trite sides of things today.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

glad to see you, eric

a couple comments.

frist... i noticed that i was moved to 'blog slacker' level on my friend, mary's, blog page. since her blog is the blog of blogs, being on the slacker list probably reflects that i haven't been as 'due diligent' as i could/should be. well, my goal is to spend a couple months 'winning' her blog status over and making it to the active roster... but i need to work diligently at it, you know, post more then twice a month... like maybe 2-4 times a week!

i know i can do it, it just is difficult when the last thing i want to do is write about my triteness when i get home from the day. i keep talking about changing my life... creating better habits... you know, wake up early, work out more, enjoy the day better, travel, personal time, decompress at night (write in a blog, read) do the things that really enrich my life and make me a better person.

second... my blog is my 'homepage' so i have been writing too much negativity on the taglines, so i am convicted to write good, solid poistitive lines that welcome me to my web experience. if i do have positive statements, maybe i will have more writing moments? i dont know, it is worth a try.

now.... my vacation so far.

been a blast. spent a nice night in chicago catching up with friends and relaxing. a couple good dishes of food, a couple drinks, good friends. sounds nice.

spent the next day trying to catch a bus to madison. missed it twice! (my fault, yes, but traffic was bad and unexpected) ended up gong to rockfor and getting picked-up. that was fun though cause i got a car ride with the folks through the countryside of southern wisconsin.

today, i woke up pretty early and had bfast with chris, elliott, and greg (chris and elliott are father and son, greg is chris/elliotts brother/son -in-law). what a great bfast, lots of food, bad coffee that made me feel sooooo good, and good convo. the kind that seems like i just had the previous conversations yesterday. we picked up right where we left off kept going.

then went to visit my grandmas. i love both my grandmas. i had such a good time catching up with them. i haven't seen them since x-mas and it was time.

then i got home, went camping shopping with my sister, came back and ate a fantastic dinner with steaks on the grill and salad and asparagus and some mushrooms and onions.

now i am blogging a quick update blog and hope to spur into more activiity on this page.

i am camping for a couple days, so i dont know if i will have internet stuff... (nice towns with coffe shops, who knows.)