Saturday, June 10, 2006

glad to see you, eric

a couple comments.

frist... i noticed that i was moved to 'blog slacker' level on my friend, mary's, blog page. since her blog is the blog of blogs, being on the slacker list probably reflects that i haven't been as 'due diligent' as i could/should be. well, my goal is to spend a couple months 'winning' her blog status over and making it to the active roster... but i need to work diligently at it, you know, post more then twice a month... like maybe 2-4 times a week!

i know i can do it, it just is difficult when the last thing i want to do is write about my triteness when i get home from the day. i keep talking about changing my life... creating better habits... you know, wake up early, work out more, enjoy the day better, travel, personal time, decompress at night (write in a blog, read) do the things that really enrich my life and make me a better person.

second... my blog is my 'homepage' so i have been writing too much negativity on the taglines, so i am convicted to write good, solid poistitive lines that welcome me to my web experience. if i do have positive statements, maybe i will have more writing moments? i dont know, it is worth a try.

now.... my vacation so far.

been a blast. spent a nice night in chicago catching up with friends and relaxing. a couple good dishes of food, a couple drinks, good friends. sounds nice.

spent the next day trying to catch a bus to madison. missed it twice! (my fault, yes, but traffic was bad and unexpected) ended up gong to rockfor and getting picked-up. that was fun though cause i got a car ride with the folks through the countryside of southern wisconsin.

today, i woke up pretty early and had bfast with chris, elliott, and greg (chris and elliott are father and son, greg is chris/elliotts brother/son -in-law). what a great bfast, lots of food, bad coffee that made me feel sooooo good, and good convo. the kind that seems like i just had the previous conversations yesterday. we picked up right where we left off kept going.

then went to visit my grandmas. i love both my grandmas. i had such a good time catching up with them. i haven't seen them since x-mas and it was time.

then i got home, went camping shopping with my sister, came back and ate a fantastic dinner with steaks on the grill and salad and asparagus and some mushrooms and onions.

now i am blogging a quick update blog and hope to spur into more activiity on this page.

i am camping for a couple days, so i dont know if i will have internet stuff... (nice towns with coffe shops, who knows.)


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Mary said...

yay, eric, you did it!

i'm so glad to see that you've made this page your homepage. because i believe in you, i'm moving you off the blog slackers list already :)

good to see you in chicago. it hasn't been the same since you left!