Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my friend just moved to alaska and i'm jealous

i met this cool girl at this coffee shop in south east denver. i spend a lot of my days at the coffee shop doing work on my business so i got to know quite a few of the workers.

she just got back from two years in china and is now off to alaska for a bit of time... i am jealous. i am so stuck on work (though, i actually do like to work) that i dont allow myself to make the time to do anything of that sort... at this point in my life.

her site is a great update of her doings up in alaska, and i get to view a bit of that and live (just a touch) vicariously through her blog.

cool stuff, good pictures, and a great life living.

(i wrote something about the impact of blogs and community, but this is the third time i am typing this because something messed up... so you dont get that now)

back to work.

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