Sunday, June 18, 2006

my friend just did a big bike trip and i'm jealous

so my friend, loren, just got back (last night) from a big six week bike trip down PCH (pacific coast highway.) I am super jealous. regardless of the fact that i dont own a bicycle right now and i probably couldn't hack the trip, and well time of that nature requires me to give up more than i want, i still envious.

he just has this big smile and nice aura around him (some of it is from seeing his friends again, but i think a lot has to do with the experience) and that is hard to come by in this ridiculous production oriented society we have.

seriously folks, i have drive, lots of drive when it comes to work... but is it neccessary? i have a few friends (a lot of my golden peeps) that live life the way it should be and make sure they live a very balanced lifestyle. why cant i? i mean, i take a couple days off and get sick. that ain't right? i am out of wack.

i am in one of the fittest states in the country and i am more out of shape than i have been since before chicago. wow.

keeps my thinking about more time spent on 'personal' stuff. that would round me out a lot more and get me to the point where i can experience life more and get fit for being involved in activities i love to do.

so now i have to try and figure out how i do this... how i can spend more time balanced.

i feel like i have been asking this question for years.


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