Monday, August 29, 2005

about time

i dont know how often you get into moods like this, but i do every couple of months. you get to a point where you are soo busy with stuff that you dont even feel like writing when you have a minute. you just want to veg out. kinda poor because writing helps focus and clarify thoughts for the day and you get to spit a bit of creativity if you so desire.

i am coming out of it a bit and i am even scheduling time to write emails and blog stuff because i wouldn't get it done otherwise.

so, i started coaching girls volleyball. i am really excited to teach and train and just have a blast with a bunch of high schoolers. they are a really cool team and work really hard. i am hoping they will enjoy the season and just have a great time.

our first game is next week already, so i have a lot to do to get them in shape :)

but, it finally is starting to feel like i am succeeding a bit in my plan. i wanted to give myself 3-4 years in real estate, out here in denver, so i can develop a company and a branding and create this business that will produce freedoms (like coaching volleyball) and fullfillment. i am making headways into community, church, friends, activities. it is actually getting a bit out of control. oh well, i have never been very good at balance and i need to just start scheduling my life a lot more to create a foundational plan to accomplish all that i desire (see wayne becker).

but, these activiities (coaching, work, friendships) taken in the correct perspective, allows me to really see God in my life and in this world. i am just really blessed (for the lack of a better word) to be able to participate into these things and still make my financial needs (kind of).

over the next few months, my business and life will start to really bloom (awww) and take a life of its own. i am starting to generate this passion, enrollment aura about who i am and my work with those people i meet. i am hoping that some of this stuff creates a desire for the right people to want to work/play/build with me.

the next big step i am desiring is to get a mentor for more spiritual things. my work peership is going well and my team lead offers a mentor perspective that satifies my business side, but i am lacking in some personal coaching/accountability that i really desire.

i am also hoping to create a small community of folk to start dialoging/encouraging/challenging with and to create an enviorment of saftely and openness and worship to all of us to benefit from. this kind of life and group is starting to bubble up, we will see what kind of beast it wil become over the next few months.

sorry for all the time off, i am back now, for a while at least.


This is really cool.

This is really cool. I can now post small posts with my phone. No longer do I even need my computer

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


i will try and get something better out tonight.

got back from the midwest with my cousin's wedding and my mom was in town for a couple of days... did not have much time to write stuff :)

things are done now.

sooo we will see.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

one of those moods..

so... what's one of the saddest movies you have ever seen. I mean, the type that actually jerk at your heart? I think I found a winner tonight, or close. I guess it is not really a competition or anything like that. It's called Broken Wings and it is an Israeli movie. Essentially, it is a movie about 3 or 4 days in the life of a really messed up family.

Not only did this movie create in me a tear or two, it put me in one of those moods. I just got back from smoking a nice pipe and sipping a beer.. yeah, it was that kind of night.

your probably asking what i was thinking about? well, not much of any one topic. i was in that mood to chat with people about this and that but i did not have any pull towards one particular subject. i guess it just felt good to talk to friends. makes life get put into a lot better perspective... probably the second biggest reason why god created us like this, to love each other.

that word has always been fairly hard to get out. it is a big deal, seriously. to say that you love someone goes beyond just a relationship and enters into a new realm, something like missing a person, or longing to be with them? i am not talking about dating/married relationships either. i am talking about the genuine friendships that exist where people are willing to say they love each other.

i think i am blabbing about crazy things again. i goes from why do we exist to what really is the real meaning behind love.

seriously, did you ever think about why god would create in us a feeling/sensation/longing/whatever for something that was built in to us? why love? why physical bonds? why emotional bonds? why do people get manipulated? why do people do irrational things for other people? what is this all about?

i guess, when god created us in his likeness, there instantly became a thing in us that desired longing.

i like that word... longing.

anyway, i saw charlie and the chocolate factory last night and thought the movie was absolutely amazing.

off to reflect on longing.