Thursday, December 29, 2005


had a great christmas... tell more tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2005


i am feeling very informational lately. i guess it comes out in the way i talk and even in the way i write. i want to be able to express my 'feelings' better (whatever that means) but i always seem to just relay information.

how do you exactly get around that... i suppose i can, for example, talk about how i 'felt' during an informational piece. ok, lets try it.

yesterday i went skiing, the snow was awesome but it was really cold. a perfect sunny day that did warm up. i ended up on blacks all day long... i found a great hill with tons of bumps but a really, really smooth edge with about a foot or so of powder. i hit bumps for half the hill, then all powder. my last run was on these soft bump blues that make you skip on your board like crazy, well, i rocked them and didn't skip. a great run to end on.

(informational with feelings)
yesterday was my day off for me and i really needed a break from the stress... so i went skiing. when i woke up, i considered sleeping, but i had to meet phil at 6 so i just got up and after the meeting got the courage to head up to the hills. the first half of the trip i listened to some chill music, cant remember exactly, but my guess would be some reggae i had. the last half i put in some great aesop rock to get me in the mood.

since i have a pass, i got out on the hill right away and went to the chairlift. i haphazardly sat with my friend evan who is a very fast skiier... i went with him and my friend, eric, to a-basin and they made me really scared (edited for mother, i.e. did stupid things on skis)... so that was cool, we caught up a bit and skiied together for a few runs. it was so exhilerating the first run, the snow was awesome, but it was a bit cold. after one run, my body was getting warm though. i was really stressed because there were some loose ends on a closing i had today and i needed to get them tied up, obviously. so i stayed inside for a few minutes after a run or two until they were resolved (it was good because it was warm).

thats when i made my transistion to blacks because i rolled solo and felt like doing bumps. i ended up on blacks all day... i found a great hill with tons of bumps but a really, really smooth edge with about a foot or so of powder. i hit bumps for half the hill, then all powder. i really dont think most of you can fathome what it feels like to glid on powder... its really amazing, honestly. you get this feeling of cloudage and a sense that nothing can hurt because when you fall, it doesn't hurt :) all you want to do is smile and laugh while you glide through the softness.

for four runs, that is what i did, killed myself on bumps then cruised on powder. yes, yes. perfect. my last run was on these soft bump blues that make you skip on your board like crazy, well, i rocked them and didn't skip. i had great training with the big bumps that the little ones were easy and super fun... get little pops while flying down passing tons of boarders and skiiers alike (granted it was a blue :) man,a great run to end on. i ended up exhausted in my car with my super confortable shoes once again (i love the feeling of putting shoes on after where boots all day). cruised home with some fiona apple, what a nice way to travel down the mountain.


ok, so howd i do? was my 'feeling' version good, worth doing, or should i stick to the short and sweet informational version? was the 'felt' version too wordy? not wordy enough? to informational? help me out. i plan to write a little shpiel(sp?) on my new ipod, but would like some critique before hand :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

last week

last week i went snowboarding with elvi and it was the best conditions i have been on in a long time. it was sooo cold last week in denver it scared a lot of people off the hills. we went on thursday and the hill was empty, the wind was nill, and the temp was a warm 20 or so.

it was actually a lot warmer than we thought cause we had to pull a bunch of layers off.

i have been working a ton because i want to and need to. it is good, i feel a lot more productive and things are moving forward even though it can be the slowest time of the year. i am worried i wont have time to get my business plan 2006 in order, but i think next week will be DEAD so i will concentrate on it then.

this week i will probably board again, i might go up to winterpark this time. no one else has tomorrow off, so i might be rolling solo, but that is ok. i dont mind doing that, just ski for a couple hours and chill out a bit, read, relax, think, write... all that good stuff.

simplifing my life is working ok, but still not there. maybe it is just a state of mind really because i do live pretty simply. i dont buy a lot of stuff and i only play with volleyball and music now. if i am really tired i will watch tv, but other than that, it is really quite simple.

i do drive a ton, even to go out with friends and stuff, so i think that might be ultimately what is making it hard for me to feel 'simple.' i need to spend more time in golden. maybe next fall i can get rid of my roomie and set up an office. i am not a big fan of working at home, but if i do it a day or two a week, or a portion of a day everyday, that might help too.

well see,

right now i will be working like a madman and pushing to be 'successful.'


Sunday, December 04, 2005


well, it was a nice weekend. i had a great time yesterday evening grilling out with my cousins and elvi. it was a nice evening and the chicken was great :) we were going to play cars a bit, but i still haven't dug them up from when i moved (yikes)... we had one deck, but i think we were in the mood to play with more than one... maybe it was just an excuse.

today was a good day, mainly have been working, but felt good to accomplish a bunch and get ready for the week.

now i am off to church.

after church, coffee and more weekly planning. my life will get organized! i am convinced.

i will be mucho busy at work this week and i get to ski (well board) on thursday! yay!