Sunday, December 04, 2005


well, it was a nice weekend. i had a great time yesterday evening grilling out with my cousins and elvi. it was a nice evening and the chicken was great :) we were going to play cars a bit, but i still haven't dug them up from when i moved (yikes)... we had one deck, but i think we were in the mood to play with more than one... maybe it was just an excuse.

today was a good day, mainly have been working, but felt good to accomplish a bunch and get ready for the week.

now i am off to church.

after church, coffee and more weekly planning. my life will get organized! i am convinced.

i will be mucho busy at work this week and i get to ski (well board) on thursday! yay!


Mary said...

how was boarding yesterday?

Mary said...

c'mon, eric, i know you can post again soon! i believe in you!