Tuesday, November 29, 2005

sweet chicago

man, i really miss chicago. just the simple pleasure of taking the el downtown, hearing the soft sounds of the tracks and seeing brick upon brick of beautiful brownstones. as i sit here looking out upon madison and wacker streets all i can think of is my time of past.

dont get me wrong, i love denver and if i ever moved back to the middlewest, it would probably be in wisconsin, but chicago always has a place in my heart.

seriously, this place is beautiful. the idea of living a simple life in complicated chicago really really appeals to me. actually, living a simple life really really sounds appealing to me. just a couple more things i need to take care of before that happens.

how can you not look upon the streets of this gritty city and not fall in love with it. its anonimity(sp?) and crazyness combined. how fabulous.

i guess i am really reflective upon simple lifestyles right now. fires, sweaters, movies, games, curled up, no cares yet struggling, low material ownership, thoughts of God, marriage, reclusion, close friends, cooking, no tv... sounds awesome.

i was at my friend randy and sarah's house and was just envious of their downtown madison apartment with lots of hardwood and built-ins. functional obsolencence, beautiful picture windows, slowness of a sunday night. awesome.

i guess i am in a quiet mood right now :)


Mary said...

ej, thanks for visiting this great city and making time for me. you ROCK. chicago would love to have you back anytime.

peace, brother.

Linz said...


hey dude! first, important to say that i enjoy checking up on your blog and reading your thoughts...i'm a fan! :) but also, just wanted to throw in my whole hearted agreement with this post...i feel the same way about that fair city. though i really love england and love bristol and can't really picture me and pete settling permanently in the states...there is always this part of my heart that skips a beat when i think of chicago. i miss being bundled up against the elements and still getting around by foot! i miss coffee shops on every corner. i miss free tuesdays at the metro art museum...i loved wandering through that building alone over and over again...always discovered something new. but maybe most of all i miss spending a whole day by myself walking through the city...just seeing how far i could travel, listening to music, thinking about the people i love, talking to God and watching as the people and landscape changed every four blocks. may you find your simple life! much love- linz