Thursday, June 30, 2005

as per miss mary in chi

hmmm... this is a very quick list. i have about 5 minutes before my battery runs out. i am at paris on the platte and i dont have my cord with me :(

1. music, i love music. especially not so mainstream stuff
2. ski/snowboard stuff
3. jackets... mmmm, jackets
4. shoes (see 3), size 10.5 or so depending on the brand
5. my subaru wrx
6. food, restaurants
7. outdoor activities, running, hiking, camping, biking. i am slowly turning into a gearhead out here in colorado
8. a better laptop with more battery power
9. an ipod, i need one

battery is going... will think more later and maybe add/change tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

more simplification

i had an great conversation last evening where i was able to dialog about life with this guy, Paul, who is willing to listen to my babbling and opinionated snidities(new word). two pronounced ideas have been floating through my mind last evening and into today from that conversation. those being: monestaries and the cat theory.

so, i have stated to a couple of people that i really am trying to strip my life down to a more simplified way of living. less dependance on the things that make me anxious. i have not been able to go to my house and just be ok with sitting and doing something as simple as reading. i always feel i need to be doing something or worse, i flip on the tv to avoid that feeling.

my goal is to really be comfortable with silence and solitude and all the good things that come with that so my heart can be more at rest and more importantly, my relationship with God can be more real and personal. i want to be able to enjoy simple pleasures, not be anxious for something next.

with those thoughts came the idea of a monestary. Paul knew of some friends that took a week off and went to a monestary in New Mexico to live in solitude. i really dont remember what came out of that trip for those people, i might not have been told. but i do know that that idea sparked in me a desire for the same type of thing. my vacations are full up for the year, so i am trying it with 'baby steps' over the next few months and maybe next year will be able to do something more drastic. so we will see how it goes. i know journaling/blogging is a good first step in the simplification process, it requires me to spend time with my thoughts and jot them down for the unsuspecting world to read. that is good. now i just need to get more 'in tuned' with myself.

which... brings me to my second topic; cat theory. it has come to my attention (though it has been a revelation for me for quite sometime) that i am way more of a cat than a dog. (quickly, cat and dog theory goes that cats are independant and rely on themselves, they are god. dogs are dependant and rely on their masters). it was asked of me why i really believe in God on a truly personal level... quite honestly it was hard to answer that question. i guess i have not asked that question of myself for quite sometime and thoughts were swimming in my mind about just being taught it. i ended up giving the somewhat cop-out answer of just knowing it in my core. i mean, it is the truth, i trust it in my core, but not having a somewhat logical answer drives me crazy.

without that dependance on God, it is a struggle to really have an answer to why i believe in the things i do. with this whole religion/relationship stuff, the more honest you are with yourself that you really are nothing (yet mean everything to God) and being dependant on That which knows what is best for you, the more of a dog you become (in a purely complementary way). dogs are anxious for only their masters while cats play with that which is infront of them then quicly passes it off when it gets bored. hmmm

just some thoughts. maybe i will expand more later, have to finish lunch and get back to work.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005



i have too many shoes. any suggestions on how to better organize them or arrange them in a way to maximize space and accessibility (i lost closet space). any suggestions would help besides the obvious 'get rid of some shoes' suggestion.

that goes for jackets too. dont have a hallway closet anymore. i have never been a seasonal packer, school me please.

i now have a commute

so, i went from a 10 minute commute to a 15 minute communte. i suppose it could go up to 20-25 minutes if i have bad traffice, but it is worth it. ha, ha... the funny thing is that i dont even think those numbers constitute a bad commute. it is ridiculous how denver (being 3 mil or so) is soo easy to get around in.

going from a 1 and 1/2 hour commute using 2 different cars and a train in chicago to driving alongside a nice plateau of rock and trees for most of my commute creates in a me a much happier mood... so much better in clearing the mind.

almost all moved in. just have my bedroom to complete. cant really do it until i get my computer desk (which i have to find one first). then my room and life will be complete :).

about the whole simplification process... it is going pretty well. i am choosing to put most of my things in the garage and then deciding at that point whether i should bring it in the house/use it. alot of my clutter will be out of site, which will help with me focus in on what's important. i still have too much furniture and it is pretty crappy, but hey, one thing at a time.

so, another of my goals in this moving process is to get more outside. i will tell you it is soo much easier to get outside when i am in Golden. everyday (at least the first) i see the foothills that literally surround me and i am refreshed. i do miss east colfax (most people would think that statement is funny, it is like saying they miss all the crap that comes from living in the city, but honestly, that is why i like cities... the crap) and all the 24 hour diners that come with the hustle and bustle. oh well. it was like 9:30 and it was completely (and i mean completely) quiet in my neighborhood, very weird. it is going to take some time to get used to that.

but, on the good side, i already ran into someone i know running in Golden on my first night at the house. that was really cool.

ok, gotta run, going to meet with my pastor now. have to get all spiritual.. just kidding.

Friday, June 24, 2005

buying my condo


i am buying a condo in 3 hours. not quite nervous yet, but once i step out and go to the bank to write that 'huge' check, i will probably start to freak out a bit.

otherwise, it should go fairly smoothly. i looked at the pictures i took a couple weeks ago, and they were not *that* interesting. i will take better photos and post them in the next day or two.

cant wait to get a garage! though i lose my gear closet. i guess i will have to put something up in the garage for all my gear. i suppose that is the price i pay to move to golden. i am looking forward to building a couple shelves and hooks to keep my gear in the garage. i even have a place to put my open house signs.

gots to run to the bank.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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This is why I moved to Colorado... Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

pop stand

father's day is soo weird. i think on one hand it is absolutely necessary to have a day where you can reflect on the father figure in your life. i suppose that comes with mixed emotions for a lot of people. on the other hand, it is really odd to have a day dedicated to 'father's.' it goes the same with all the 'personal' holidays we have, don't you think birthday's cover the 'thought' days for individuals?

we are such a comsumeristic society that the world of materials uses these days to slaughter us with this guilt to purchase junk for people we love. i don't think these holidays are used as effectively as they should be. it always seems like someone has to get a buck off these things.

i did think our church service tonight was pretty good (even though i really did not want to be there). there was quite a bit of discussion about father's and even the sermon was about God being a Father unlike the father's we have here on earth. the point of my church service (i think) was to get the idea that God does not take on any characteristics of any earthly fathers but is soo beyond the typical father role. the other point (i think again) is to say that it is some sort of blasphemy to react to God like how we react (or have reacted) to our fathers. i guess that makes sense, it is just weird having timely topical discussions around holidays i am not sure were even created for the right reasons... (research time) link_one, link_two. ok, so i was wrong, it was created for the right reasons. but why do these discussions always happen ONLY on these special holidays. you would think that it is important enough to be brought out on a more random basis (well i really like expository teaching, so the Father topic would be covered plenty if most churches taught int he expository way).

the good thing for me is that i did get to chat with my pops for a few minutes today. i suppose i probably would have done so anyway because it was about that time, but i got to anyway.

i wonder how many people really struggle on days like these?

man, my mind is all over the place. oh well.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Afternoon

It's pretty hot here in Denver. I think it hit 90 today. Feels good though, you know the little sweat you get on your back as you drive around. That is summer.

The main thing that consumes me lately is my job. I suppose getting going in the real estate business seemed a lot easier when you talk with people or read books and what not. I have a lot of excuses like being new to Denver and not knowing too many people, but really it comes to just requiring myself to hit the pavement and get any deal I can until I make it in this business.

The other big thing that consumes me is my new house I am getting. I will be moving to Golden in a week or two and am really excited about it. I haven't started packing yet, but tonight sounds like a good night to start. I have to do laundry anyway... mmmm, laundry on a Friday night.

I will get pictures up for the place soon.

Let's see. I am going to pick up a roommate as well, and simplify my life. I mean it too. I have too much stuff and too much stuff going on. So, I meet with this guy, Bob, next Wednesday to see if we get along. He is an IT guy that works for some company that takes pictures from planes and formats them to the company and what not that desires to use the photographs. I guess it is kinda like satellite stuff. Sounds pretty cool

Anyway, that is pretty good for now. I have to go and walk some flyers around for my open houses this weekend.

Oh, my cousins are moving to D-town next week. I am really excited that they are moving out here. (Cousin and soon-to-be Cousin-in-law to be exact).


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A new leaf of sorts...

So I think I might start updating my life a bit with this thing. It is convenient but to do it regularly will be difficult. We will see how it goes...

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