Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i now have a commute

so, i went from a 10 minute commute to a 15 minute communte. i suppose it could go up to 20-25 minutes if i have bad traffice, but it is worth it. ha, ha... the funny thing is that i dont even think those numbers constitute a bad commute. it is ridiculous how denver (being 3 mil or so) is soo easy to get around in.

going from a 1 and 1/2 hour commute using 2 different cars and a train in chicago to driving alongside a nice plateau of rock and trees for most of my commute creates in a me a much happier mood... so much better in clearing the mind.

almost all moved in. just have my bedroom to complete. cant really do it until i get my computer desk (which i have to find one first). then my room and life will be complete :).

about the whole simplification process... it is going pretty well. i am choosing to put most of my things in the garage and then deciding at that point whether i should bring it in the house/use it. alot of my clutter will be out of site, which will help with me focus in on what's important. i still have too much furniture and it is pretty crappy, but hey, one thing at a time.

so, another of my goals in this moving process is to get more outside. i will tell you it is soo much easier to get outside when i am in Golden. everyday (at least the first) i see the foothills that literally surround me and i am refreshed. i do miss east colfax (most people would think that statement is funny, it is like saying they miss all the crap that comes from living in the city, but honestly, that is why i like cities... the crap) and all the 24 hour diners that come with the hustle and bustle. oh well. it was like 9:30 and it was completely (and i mean completely) quiet in my neighborhood, very weird. it is going to take some time to get used to that.

but, on the good side, i already ran into someone i know running in Golden on my first night at the house. that was really cool.

ok, gotta run, going to meet with my pastor now. have to get all spiritual.. just kidding.

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Mary said...

i have a computer desk. i guess that makes my life complete, too ;)

your commute sounds awesome. i went down to a 35 minute commute using my two legs and a 15 minute train ride and it is INFINITELY better than my 45 minute bus commute which required only a few steps. just walking out and about - even in the ridiculously frigid Chicago cold - is invigorating.

but i admit, rocks and trees and mountains is the cherry on the commuting sundae. lucky you :)