Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Afternoon

It's pretty hot here in Denver. I think it hit 90 today. Feels good though, you know the little sweat you get on your back as you drive around. That is summer.

The main thing that consumes me lately is my job. I suppose getting going in the real estate business seemed a lot easier when you talk with people or read books and what not. I have a lot of excuses like being new to Denver and not knowing too many people, but really it comes to just requiring myself to hit the pavement and get any deal I can until I make it in this business.

The other big thing that consumes me is my new house I am getting. I will be moving to Golden in a week or two and am really excited about it. I haven't started packing yet, but tonight sounds like a good night to start. I have to do laundry anyway... mmmm, laundry on a Friday night.

I will get pictures up for the place soon.

Let's see. I am going to pick up a roommate as well, and simplify my life. I mean it too. I have too much stuff and too much stuff going on. So, I meet with this guy, Bob, next Wednesday to see if we get along. He is an IT guy that works for some company that takes pictures from planes and formats them to the company and what not that desires to use the photographs. I guess it is kinda like satellite stuff. Sounds pretty cool

Anyway, that is pretty good for now. I have to go and walk some flyers around for my open houses this weekend.

Oh, my cousins are moving to D-town next week. I am really excited that they are moving out here. (Cousin and soon-to-be Cousin-in-law to be exact).



Mary said...

welcome to the blogging world, eric :) can't wait for your next post!!

(i am a proud blogging geek)

shirley said...

eric, i am so glad that you have found a home. that is so exciting. can not wait to see it and visit you.
glad too that you are liking being a realtor. my new dave (soon to be husband) is a realtor too. he is doing very well here in this booming town of Tucson AZ.
keep me posted. blessings, shirley