Friday, February 17, 2006


it's supa cold outside today! high of only 25!!! yikes. i dont know about you, but i get this horrible tightening in my lower back when it is too cold outside. it is really uncomfortable... only thing that keeps me going is the thought of warm things, like hot chocolate, blankets, fires, hot tubs, whiskey, you know, the basics.

i know what you are thinking, "what a wimp..." well, yep, i admit it. i am now a true cold wimp. i dont like cold weather, it doesn't appeal to me, i want nothing to do with it... except when i ski, but that is the mountains. i can separate my coldness when i go to the mountains because i "expect" it to be cold. expectations are key, in denver, it should never be cold, nor cloudy (i do like a few rainy days a year, say 15, maybe 20) but in the mountains, it is ok.

we have had record amounts of snow and skiing in powder is one of the coolest feelings. you know i am having a good time when i giggle... i do it on roller coasters and when i ski pow pow. how else to express the feeling. reneau will know (feb '05).

but, for the rest of today and this weekend, i have to stuggle in the cold weather. i guess wine and blankets are in order.

oh, i do get to go to las vegas next week for a real estate convention. yikes, 12,000 crazy keller williams real estate agents taking over las vegas... should be fun.

have to finish up work for the day and then i can ponder pow pow and all that good stuff... sweet vail of last year.. ahhh, sweet copper this year. i will be hitting powder in march, that is for sure.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

today was a good day

it is really nice to have one of those really good days... i woke up early, had coffee with phil and we took a nice walk up for the sunrise in the foothills of my beautiful Golden city. we chatted about life and love and loss and what not, talked biz and got on.

the day rolled forward with appointments and meetings and things just seemed to click... had lots of good conversations with clients and friends and family... just a catch up day. i usually take off on thursdays, but i am taking off on sunday instead, so using today effectively feels good.

i have a bunch of junk i need to get done tomorrow and i have a good outlook on getting it done... but just all around good week.

supposed to be cold tomorrow, so time for the scarf and jacket again. yikes. chilly air. i am definitely ready for the spring time! spring in Denver is sooo nice; big snow, flowers, 70s, slush, bright skies, later evenings, smiles, sales, mmmmm sounds great.

anyway, off to chat with elvi. i get to hear about the exciting happenings of nashville. hopefully, things are on the up and up out there. oh -- mary, to answer your question: at least a year, maybe more :(

peace <-- click here

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feb 7th

can you all believe that it is feb 7th already? pretty soon we will be smiling at the dusky sky at 9pm in the evening... cant wait

well, i am feeling a bit better. i have decided to get on, can't stay blue for too long. even though i am constantly stressed, i still feel exhillerated anytime i drive home and drive between south and north table mountains to settle in my home.


well, i am again coaching volleyball... well, assistant coaching. i am an assistant coach to the 14 navy (that is the number 1 14's team) for Crush Volleyball Club. we practice on the weekday nights and have a couple tourneys a month on sunday. sweet. i am pretty excited because i get to really sharpen my coaching skills so i can be more effective next year. the head coach has been doing this for 14 years, so i should learn a bit. he's an engineer too, so we will have many really petty statistical arguements, just kidding.

lets see, i am still sore from skiing, not boarding, but skiing. i think that sport is better for me. dont get me wrong, i love to board and i will board for the rest of my life... but i can do soooo much more and cover soo much more of the mountain on a ski. partially because i am much better on skis, but also because a board makes it really hard to do bumps.. and well, i love bumps. but, bumps kill my quads and i feel like a grandpa :)

other than that, just doing the real estate thing. still struggling, but this is my breakout year. looking forward to the future, and the spring when i have some breathing room.

we will see, maybe i will be holding a cup out with a nice cardboard sign that says something about 'anything helps' :) well, that wont work too much longer in denver seeing they (hickenlooper) are trying to eradicate homelessness in 10 years. ahhh, sweet idealism. i love it... being a socialist of sorts.. but greedly people tend to win :(

let me give you some quick advice:
dont do a long distance relationship... it sucks!