Thursday, February 09, 2006

today was a good day

it is really nice to have one of those really good days... i woke up early, had coffee with phil and we took a nice walk up for the sunrise in the foothills of my beautiful Golden city. we chatted about life and love and loss and what not, talked biz and got on.

the day rolled forward with appointments and meetings and things just seemed to click... had lots of good conversations with clients and friends and family... just a catch up day. i usually take off on thursdays, but i am taking off on sunday instead, so using today effectively feels good.

i have a bunch of junk i need to get done tomorrow and i have a good outlook on getting it done... but just all around good week.

supposed to be cold tomorrow, so time for the scarf and jacket again. yikes. chilly air. i am definitely ready for the spring time! spring in Denver is sooo nice; big snow, flowers, 70s, slush, bright skies, later evenings, smiles, sales, mmmmm sounds great.

anyway, off to chat with elvi. i get to hear about the exciting happenings of nashville. hopefully, things are on the up and up out there. oh -- mary, to answer your question: at least a year, maybe more :(

peace <-- click here


Mary said...

a whole year, are you kidding? sad. sad. hope you get lots of visits and lots of good conversations in.

hoping that the peace of god may remain with you until the coming of his reign on earth,
mary :)

p.s. can you remember any of the other ones?

Linz said...

hahaha! oh, lark's my favourite. hey ej, good to hear from you and get a picture of springtime in denver...mmm, i'm jealous. i doubt there are many places on this earth as beautiful as colorado. sad to hear that elvi is so far away for so long. i join mary's hopes that you will both enjoy great conversation, and many many visits.
peace. x