Wednesday, December 14, 2005

last week

last week i went snowboarding with elvi and it was the best conditions i have been on in a long time. it was sooo cold last week in denver it scared a lot of people off the hills. we went on thursday and the hill was empty, the wind was nill, and the temp was a warm 20 or so.

it was actually a lot warmer than we thought cause we had to pull a bunch of layers off.

i have been working a ton because i want to and need to. it is good, i feel a lot more productive and things are moving forward even though it can be the slowest time of the year. i am worried i wont have time to get my business plan 2006 in order, but i think next week will be DEAD so i will concentrate on it then.

this week i will probably board again, i might go up to winterpark this time. no one else has tomorrow off, so i might be rolling solo, but that is ok. i dont mind doing that, just ski for a couple hours and chill out a bit, read, relax, think, write... all that good stuff.

simplifing my life is working ok, but still not there. maybe it is just a state of mind really because i do live pretty simply. i dont buy a lot of stuff and i only play with volleyball and music now. if i am really tired i will watch tv, but other than that, it is really quite simple.

i do drive a ton, even to go out with friends and stuff, so i think that might be ultimately what is making it hard for me to feel 'simple.' i need to spend more time in golden. maybe next fall i can get rid of my roomie and set up an office. i am not a big fan of working at home, but if i do it a day or two a week, or a portion of a day everyday, that might help too.

well see,

right now i will be working like a madman and pushing to be 'successful.'


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