Thursday, July 06, 2006

workout dreams

so i think i did something pretty stupid last night. i asked a friend to be accountable to me for working out. ha, and to think they said yes.

now i have to live up to my 'word' and do this.

i did workout last night, part of the reason for doing such. i enjoyed it. i realy enjoy it. but getting there is really tough. my schedule is nothing close to 'normal' and i am out of shape. all those things make it difficult.

once i get on a schedule though, i think i will be fine. i have been talking about working on a couple key sport specific goals anyway. so i think i will be good.

it never hurts to be heathier anyway.

my friend is a personal trainer and i think the hardest part for me is going to be the nutrition actually. so it should be fun to see what happens here.

i think i will get going next week. so that is my goal

progress will be posted i am sure, so stay tuned, if i have any readers left hehehe


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