Tuesday, March 21, 2006

sad state of affairs

i'll admit it... i'm hopeless :) not in the sense of success, life, love, self appreciation... but in the sense of bad habits. i have been on this kick to really get up early and get my day going. the struggle has come since college and is really rearing its ugly head now that i dont *really* have to be anywhere in particular in the morning.

skiing, hiking, have-to's give me absolutely no problems of waking up early, but work, life, and the daily grind give me the hardest time. i dont get it. i **know** i am not a morning person, but i think i can become one... they say "nothing good happens after 9pm" right? so, why not be in bed by 11 or so and then really get up early (for me, that is between 6-6:30). my day would be soo much better and i would feel stronger and healthier.

any suggestions? all you morning people out there, let me know the secret. and please do not say put the alarm clock really far away. i need new motivation, not another excuse to 'get up on the wrong side of bed'

that being said, not only am i lazy in the morning, but i eat like crap. i hate grocery shopping and so i never have food at home. that leaves me with frugal eating out... wendy's has been my favorite lately, but i think my artories are slowly (or quickly) clogging.

every once in a while, i will buy stuff, but it seems to go bad or i just dont get the time or make the time to eat properly.

maybe if i got up earlier?...

as i am writing this blog, i am looking disgustly over at my leftover taco bell, yep, leftover taco bell. i am actually embarressed to even get up to the microwave at work and heat it up. ok, ok, it will produce a pleasant wafting for lunch, but people will start asking what i am eating... what do i say? NOT leftover taco bell. so i might just say mexican (if you can call it that), but they will probably ask where i got it from. my reply 'a little place by my house :)'

i hope it wont get to that, i think i can time it where i get in and out without being noticed and eat in peace. yeah, that is what i will do.

so, off to get some lunch and to comteplate on getting up early tomorrow

i need a wife :)



Anonymous said...

Hey EJ,

Wow. The "getting up early challenge"...I hear you on that one. I can probably count on one hand the VERY few times I've actually gotten out of bed before...8?...in the last several months. When I do wake & rise before 8, it's like this lovely gift - once I'm actually outside - to see the world before the sun is up in the sky, while everything is still peaceful and quiet.

But, MAN! It's so hard for me to get to bed early. AND, why do I always feel so crazy tired? I sleep for like 9-10 hours, and yet I still feel sleep-deprived. I think I need more exercise. And discipline. And while, no, I'm not eating leftover Taco Bell, I'm pretty sure I could use more "leafy greens" in my diet. Maybe that's the secret. I'll have to encourage my personal chef (aka Chris) to include some more of that in his dishes.

Does all this mean that I need a wife, too?

Wishing you supernatural help towards health, and all other good things, too,

ericj. said...

hey S --

that is what chris is for :)

epollasch said...

I don't know if there is a method for doing it. I started years (OK, decades) ago because I needed to study Greek and Hebrew and couldn't get anything into my head unless it was absolutely dead quiet so I could concentrate. Then kids came along and I couldn't get anything into my head at all after 8 in the morning until after they all went to bed..which was usually after us! I just discovered that early was great for thinking, reflecting, planning, processing...and coffee!!! Didn't need any more reasons after that!


Mary said...

ej - so glad to catch up on two really good blogs. nice.

about the morning thing, i LOVE mornings although it is harder for me to get up when it's still dark in the winter - i admit that. i think opening a window shade to the east (or one that lets the most light in your room) before you go to bed really helps. if there's sunlight streaming in, it makes me want to get up and enjoy every single minute of it.

and yes, coffee. if you can set a coffee timer to start brewing a pot at a certain time, that's a sweet smell in the morning.