Friday, March 03, 2006


another month has come and gone... this time stuff is soo ridiculous. It is truly amazing how time passes, or at least how it is percieved to pass.

i guess, when you get busy and have a lot going on, time just cruises along, you cant really stop it. the only thing that would actually pause time, would be to constantly look at it, and that isn't much fun.

well, i got back from vegas for a real estate convention and things are just crazy, my personal life is packed, my business is busy and i am tired all around. when you get in that mode, things just dont slow down. a vacation is out of the picture, so i just have to really concentrate on the time i have and try and use it to the fullest.

i also might be taking a different team for coaching. the head guy at crush wants me to coach the 15-2's team and i was just getting into the assistant groove. i tell you, you can not count on things to last very long these days :) you set up your life as such and bang, things change. oh well.

just a quick update... of to a meeting (with coffee of course) and then phone calls and marketing today.


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