Thursday, March 09, 2006

it's thursday night and i'm at a coffee house

so i haven't been all that positive lately. it seems like life is just a little brash on me currently and, well, normally it ain't no thing... this time it is rubbing me the wrong way. though, the positives of this whole bit is that i really, really get to love and respect this thing called coffee. it has to be one of god's greatest gifts to man, hands down. that and pancakes.

so, when i get a little down, what do i do, say "screw it!" to my two cup max and just drug myself silly with the killer juice. ahhh, sweet killer juice.

anyway, you are all probably wondering why i am so down and why i am raving soo much about coffee. i wont tell you about either of them. but i will say that im in position to bounce back. all i need is a couple of good days in the 60's and things seem to clear up quite nice :) that is the great thing about denver, it really encourages you when you think about all the good things it provides (weather and mountains).

i guess that means i am getting more and more settled here in this wonderful town and want all you all to move out here. i mean it. move here. you wont regret it.

seriously, what are you leaving behind? family, jobs, friends, relationships, churches, communities, what... those are all replaceable :) j/k at least i am here.

so, as i sit here at one of my favorite coffee joints, i am writing contracts, doing research, trying to think about all things that relate to life, get clarified on who i am, what i want, how things are going, how motivated i really am... you know the biggies.

at least my soul is calm right now, ben harper always makes me contemplate life and my ipod makes it easy to listen to him. my phone makes it easy to take pictures, and my computer makes it easy to upload it. that means that you all get real time images of me (and my coffee cup :) )

anyway, i dont think i have really said anything of importance, nor has it been relevent to you all... but that is where i am at right at this moment.

off to im to chris p chicken. ill write something more soon enough.



Mary said...

nice art :)

maybe you should come back and visit chicago so you can enjoy colorado EVEN more. that'd be fun, hey?

Linz said...

hey, nice pics...good to see and hear about life at the moment. yeah, i know the feeling of getting settled and i'm glad that denver is feeling like home. i'm so glad you've started drinking coffee! haha..that is my happy-juice. so, drink up and enjoy your denver sunshine! xlinz