Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another rediscovery


after reading this title, you are all probably thinking... 'great, another one of eric's introspective time periods in his life.' well, yep, that's me.

not only am i going through a change in my life in regards to my dating life (or lack there of at this point), but am trying to do a rediscovery at work. i am starting to work with a coach that will not only create an energy and motivation to rediscover myself as 'eric, the realtor' but also figure out what i really want.

she asked me this question when we met on tuesday.. 'eric, what do you want to be known for?' -- umm, i thought we were going to be talking about systems and networking and distinction... yikes. so i kinda sat there and turned and said... 'i want people to be happy.' which she noted that only if i benefit also... ouch :)

so that is where the dialog started. why am i doing real estate... who cares. what do i want to be known for... that matters.

for the next couple we are going to figure out what is it that makes me tick and then directly apply it to my career. it is not the question as to why i am doing real estate, but really, what do i want to be? i mean fully... pretty interesting. i feel like i am going to have some introspective moments soon. that means great blog material, right?

not only will i benefit, but you all get to read about my struggles :)

i did come up with something interesting... as the dialog progressed, i had this statement run through my mind: ' i lack clarity, and i hate it. i want people to not feel that.'

this boils down below all that stability, sanity, world perception bs. i mean this is for real. i am really going to gain clarity or die trying. it is truly necessary for me cause i need to not only let people love me, but to love as well. job, shmob... i mean that will be the focus of action, ill get my clarity a bit then apply it to me as a realtor. (seriously, personal and business life are not separate in this business, not matter what they say).

stay tooned.


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Linz said...

that sounds fantastic. i'm really excited for you. funny timing in reading this now, as i just got home from a three hour seminar with a 'life coach' (some training provided by my church for those who do mentoring, blah, blah). but it was really thought provoking and it's the kind of experience (having people ask you the questions that require actual thought)...i feel (after the past three hours listening to thoughts on 'awareness', 'stillness', and the like) that there's something both disturbing and comforting in realizing that there is more to life. anyway, happy journey to you...looking forward to hearing about it! x