Monday, January 09, 2006

new years


new years was a great time this year... as always. the difference is that my expectations were no super high because i did not expect anything to be that great of a time, as far as parties or bars...

i made it up in my mind that i wanted to be with elvi and that i wanted to toast at a house and not a bar... that was accomplished. elvi and i had a great time in the evening with dinner and relaxing. we ended up going to a party and were then going to meet up with other folk, but they ditched us and we ended up just doing our own thing.

it was nice, some champagne and a brownie with ice cream right at midnight.. cant complain about that.

one of my first really relaxing, chill new years and i have to admit that i really enjoyed it. house parties are fun and with the right people, are great. but just making sure that you have a couple small goals set up and accomplished make new years a success.

i think i will throw a party at my house next year... then i dont have to drive anywhere and worry about people ditchin. if they ditch, i still have my goal, toasting the new year at a house party (alone or with tons of people :)


Mary said...

that sounds like an awesome new years, eric. mine was pretty low-key, too, and actually very perfect on many levels. i'm not a big new years fan actually, so i chose to invite people to my house for the night and ended up with about 9 bodies spending the night in my home. some of my very favorite people. next year, think house party. just think it in chicago. or madison. or wherever i send you the invitation from :)

Anonymous said...


Good picture. Fun to see your girlfriend, at last. You guys look good, bro.