Sunday, January 29, 2006


so i have been down lately... elvi's in nashville and i haven't been in a good mood lately. which means that i haven't been interested in writing about trite junk about my life. sorry.

give me a couple days... and mary, dont move me to your 'infrequent update' blog list, i am on it, just haven't been in a good mood lately.


Linz said...

aw, ej...sad to hear that you've been blue and lonely. :( thanks for being honest...i also find it impossible to write/communicate when i'm down. hope it lifts soon...if it helps, it may be a good opportunity to eat an entire 'phish food' (ben & jerry's) and watch the entire indian jones trilogy (of course you can substitute any treat or movie in their places).

love n stuff,


Mary said...

ok ok ok. no infrequent bloggers list for you :)

funny that you find it hard to write when you're feeling down. i find it easier to write when i'm down. i'm trying to get myself out of that funk and write when things are good ...

anyway, take your time. i just like hearing about your life.

oh, and my friend shelly recommended to me once that a good way to channel your missing of someone is to write them a letter everyday they're gone. i find it works very well ... and is a very fun surprise for the person when you see each other again. trust me.

Mary said...

feeling any better lately?