Monday, April 17, 2006



what a fantastic easter. it was quite enjoyable from the sunrise service at red rocks to the evening dinner with friends and family. what a great day too, i think it was about 78 degrees outside (like it is today) and just really easy.

now i am back to the grind, working two jobs and only really have time for one. i also am going to dallas this weekend for the girls volleyball tourney. that should actually be pretty fun because once we are done coaching (all day though) we are free. the chaparones are the parents, we are just the coaches.

so i will be trying to get things all tied up this week so i can use this weekend for enjoyment and for work. we will have to see what will happen.

i guess thats the boring updates, otherwise just been thinking alot about my life... like what i want to be when i grow up sort of stuff. i mean, it keeps changing. i always think that "this is it," but something else always comes up. i really thought i would be doing real estate for a long time, but then again, i might be switching to more of a management role. who knows, that is the plan but i am expecting things to change here in the next few weeks anyway.

talk about confusing, i leave in the morning and dont get home until pretty late (usually) and start all over again. easter was my only day off i have had in a long time and it was full (mostly). i loved easter, but i need a day where i can just lay in the grass after a nice hike, then finish building some stuff in the garage, then grab a nice dinner and call it a day. those lazy days of summer, that is what i really need.

sorry for the latest post, it was more of a 'this is my day' kinda blog, instead of 'this is how i am doing and feeling' which i prefer. guess i just need a break.

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