Friday, April 28, 2006

mind overload

have you ever been in a situation where you just have total (i mean total) mind overload. to the point where it just makes you shut down.

i thought that event might be an all-of-the-sudden-too-much-information thingy. and i suppose that has happened to me in various forms in the past. but what i *actually* found is that it can build and build over time. and, quite honestly (even though i have started the last three sentances with predicates) that time is now... or close to it.

being involved with two jobs running parallel, learning tons and tons of new things, coaching tournaments (teenagers remind you) in places like greeley and dallas, and not getting home for periods of 12 - 16 hours on average everyday, makes you a little crazy. the issue isn't the things i mentioned above... really. it's the fact that i dont have time to decompress, debrief, chill.

where did my hobbies go? why can't i go home (albeit very late) and just depend on a few hobbies to put my mind at ease. why, when soo tired, do i just go to sleep without any mind dump. i think i actually sleep fairly restlessly and in doing so, perpetuate the situation with staying tired.

so, that means i need a break. i need to remember what it means to relax. what it feels like to not think about work. what it feels like to have fun around hobbies, people and not have those be afterthoughts or squeeze-ins.

what does this all mean? i am a *horrible* time manager. dont the *greatest of great* in the biz world say to book your vacations first and then work around that. hmmm, good idea. i am going to get an ulcer and have my head explode if i am not careful.

what does this lead to? i am taking the day off tomorrow!!!! i am excited. haven't had a day off in a while... a serious day off. most of the time i just have a psuedo day off. mind you i still have to do a little work, just a little, but i wont take any new calls, hey, i may even change my voicemail to tell people that i am decompressing, nah, but i could.

so here is my plan (very loose by the way, so dont worry):
wake up earlyish
get a big, fat diner breakfast... preferably at the breakfast queen.
put my shevles up in the garage
design some shelves for my snow gear (garage) and lps (room)
put a new car stereo in my car
grab a beer with seth
put my air conditioner on craig's list.
watch a movie at the movie theatres.
call it a night.

i am looking forward to it.


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