Thursday, April 06, 2006

busy bee


i am officially busy. last night was the first night i got home from work before 9pm! what a way to relax. my friend, phil, had a great birthday party last night and it was soo good to have great food and great conversation.

let's see: beer, corn on the cob, marinated chicken, mash potatoes, yummy guacamole, italian sausages, chocolate cake and ice cream, and strawberries. That was a fantastic dinner.

I was going to take today off and enjoy the mountains a bit. heather is in town (well, in dillon) but my day seems to just get booked really fast. now i have appointments from noon till 7pm and then i get to relax a bit tonight. crazy.

so, i think i am going to go to common grounds near the highlands and do some reflection. i have a lot on my mind and havent had a lot of time to think on my own. it is tough when you fill your life up with stuff and just dont take a lot of time for yourself. i did sleep in a bit today so that i could 'relax' a bit on my day off, but really, i want a day off!

maybe next thursday i will take off no matter what, yeah, i think that is a good idea.

alright, sorry for the lack of content blog post. i want to write some good thought stuff down and i might be able to a little later. i felt like i was falling behind so i wanted to get something out there.


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