Friday, September 02, 2005

im a coach now

i am finally doing what i have been wanting to do for a long, long time. coach volleyball. i am having a great time at it soo far (one week into) but it is a huge, huge, huge time commitment. oh well, you have to make time for what is important, right?

my school is Kent Denver: it is a nice school situation right in the south side of denver, actually fairly close to where i stayed when i very first moved out here. so, i am now coaching JV1 girls volleyball:

it has been really fun soo far, they really like to learn and i am giving them lots to learn since they are pretty new at the 6-2 rotation and a perimeter defense. lots to work on, passing, setting, hitting, defense, wait... that's everything.

anyway, just thought i would post that... oh, for you comment people, i have been getting comment spam a bit so i put that verification thingy in there. i apologize for the inconvienence but i really am not interested in penny stock information :)

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This is awesome. You'd be a great coach. Nice move. Those kids are lucky to have a person like you.