Wednesday, September 14, 2005

mary, you always get me...

so this haunting feeling never has been haunting enough for me to actually sit down and write something 'meaningful.' well i received a very pleasant unsuspecting call from miss mary b. we were able to briefly catch up with each other, yell at each other for not visiting more often and i, of course me only, got a good speaken to about my lack of blogness. so, i am officially guilted into writing something 'meaningful.'

i have had a lot of stuff on my mind, like coaching, work, intentional community, existentialism, thanksgiving, girls, work, music... you name it. clutter, sweet clutter. lets go...

soo fun. high school girls are very different (peace to the pollasch's for working with them these years). i know they want to learn and do their best but they also are way way lazy and have to get their way. right now we are just working really hard at learning some fundamentals that were not taught in previous years so it will be interesting to see if they start winning games. they have heart, a bit of talent, but no team skills and their rotational offense and defense is kicking their butts. also the setters (i am a little particular) are not stepping up. yikes

what can i say about this, i am always trying to get a deal. i have will be getting a listing here ina couple of weeks, so that is tres exciting. but i need more buyers and sellers. i am way excited for my business to take off, but i just havent had that 'hit the pavement' attitude i think i need.

intentional community:
i want it. not only that, i want a mentor. my ideal week would be to interact with an intentional community of committed men who are encouraging each other to pusue God. i mean really pursue. of course their would be lots of running and hiking and drinking and smoking (pipes) and eating and biking... but it would all be surrounded by the desire to encourage each other. yeah, that sounds awesome. i also want a mentor who is beyond a peer level, my progress has been poor.

so i am reading this awesome book called "Ishmael." it is kicking my butt and allowing me to think more about why God created us the way we did. It is a very interesting and a bit simplistic view that man (civilized) is breaking the 'law of community life' and is doomed towards destruction. the way we should live is in complete balance with our wonderful earth and not trying to be in control of it. yep, that means going back to becoming wanderers and only using what we need (a big proponent of, but i still horde too much). anyway, good theory about our pursuit towards utopia, our destructive nature based on a assumed flawness in humans, and what it would look like to be in balance with the world. hmmmm.

by far my favorite holiday. i am soo excited to experience the smells, tastes, conversations, le tigre, crafts, games, family, fun, fun, fun. can't wait. making plans in my head. yay!

humpf. dont think i am going to go there right now... but they are on my mind (yikes, my singleness i catching up to me) desire a relationship, just dont want to process. word.

always on my mind... where i am going to get that next deal.

music has always been a big part of my life. i love to research it, listen to it, know it, listen to it, maybe one day produce it a bit. my goal is to slowly learn the 'behind the scenes' of music and dig in from there. i dont know a single soul in the music arena but will be up for learning. i will probably get involved in my church somehow with music. hopefully.

so i am done for now. brief yes, but i have a lot on my mind.

gotta hussle. peace


Anonymous said...


Nice sharing brother. I appreciate the time it takes to write that much. And it is good to hear your thoughts. Your coaching comments reinforce to me that you were "made" for this kind of thing. Kick those high school girls' butts and they'll thank you for the rest of their lives--or maybe just once.

It's still funny to think of you as a real estate agent. I don't know why. I wonder what I do see you as . . . hm.

I think anyone who preaches "balance" is full of shit. Just my opinion.

Write something substantial next week, too--I'll keep checking.

Mary said...

there was no guilt intended, eric. just a fascinated curiousity of your life in CO. so thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing a few of these things. it's awesome to get a peek into your life every now and then :)

i'll make one quick comment - let me know about ishmael. my freshman year roommate gave me a copy for christmas that year, saying it was her favorite book. i've started in on it a couple of times, but have never made it through. give us a really good book report when you're done so it motivates me to pull through...