Wednesday, October 26, 2005

a new leaf... again

ok, ok, so i am not the greatest at blogging. i started out well but lost it. i am determined to get it back (hang in there for me :) )

early blog life:
my life was much simpler, enjoyed spending time writing the blog and would actually spend time during the day to write. it was nice.

current blog life:
now i push everything to the evening, well, that just doesnot work for me. i always have a hard time doing these little things i enjoy late at night. not because i cant or because i dont want to, but often times because i just forget. so when life gets a little crazy (coaching), other things fall aside.

today and future blog life:
i had a revolutionary change at work which involves this thing called the 80/20 rule. essentially, 20% of what you do produces 80% of your goals/outcome/finances. so we started breaking our responsibilities down to whats important and being accountable to those 20% things. the other 80% will happen when they need to, but we NEED to get the 20% done.

so how you i apply that to personal life... well, i have started. this 20% thing is mainly for business, but our scheduling and accountability has spread a bit to personal life as well, because with real estate, personal life is very key to have in balance.

so, i put the blog on my personal goals, so i am going to start scheduling time for it. might be early, might be late. but it will start happening again. which is cool

that is my bit and i find i really like to start paragraphs with 'so', or 'i'... they're both nice.

more substance later.

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Anonymous said...


Nice updates. Great pics. My Mom is going to be jealous. 80/20. I'm interested. I hope that works out well. I'm just excited that you're going to update your blog more often! (No, I don't check every week.)