Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Weak update

So I thought I was going to be home early enough tonight to get a little laundry and what not taken care of tonight... but I ended staying at the cousins house till late.

I did end up finishing Ishmeal this weekend, which was good. It ended up being a pretty good book overall but ended up becoming pretty weak at the end. It was quite thought provoking with a completely different wayto think about how we humans play in the realm og the World. The big revelation was that humans strayed from their true evolved destiny of being part oof the community of life and is on th path of destruction because we want to control the earth and no longer be subject to the gods. I will elaborate more as it falls into placeM but for nowM that is what you get..

Tird so I am off to bed. Should be more frequent in the future.

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Anonymous said...


Any update is still an update. I appreciate you taking the time to write. It's good to hear about you (from you).

peace and love,